Worlds first GPS designed to earn tokens

Our special position trackers are designed to earn tokens while navigating your way through traffic.

Slick Design

Superior durability

Your key to the community

Our Special Position Trackers (SPTs) are the key to connect with the MapMetrics Blockchain. By connecting your SPT with the MapMetrics app you are eligible to earn tokens which will be automatically be transferred to your wallet. Choose the right SPT that fits your travel needs and start earning. 

Learn more about the MapMetrics app and blockchain by visiting the webs

SPT showcases different functionalities of the device like, indication battery live, Bluetooth connection, earning and mining status, power on/off, click to vote positive and neg

SPT types

Choose the SPT that matches your transport

Bicycles are as much part of traffic as any other vehicle, we will show you the bicycle-friendly routes

Motorcycles are a great way to maneuver through traffic and therefore need a tailored navigation system

Cars are the rulers of the road, know where to go the fastest way possible to improve your trip.

How it works

The SPTs visually stacked, one bicylce, one car, and one motorcycle and scooter special position tracker.

Choose the right SPT

Make sure the right SPT is selected for the vehicle of your choice to create the optimal token earning experience. Every SPT comes with its own unique NFT. This NFT identifies that you’re the owner and only allows you to earn the tokens while riding or driving. It’s your key to take part in the community and support each other to collect the most accurate data possible to improve your navigation experience to the fullest.

Connect your device

Before you’re able to connect the SPT to your phone you need to download the MapMetrics app. When you’ve downloaded the app you will be asked to create a profile and set up a wallet where the tokens later will be distributed to. After you created your account you can sync the SPT via Bluetooth and with your phone or tablet.

iPhone displaying MapMetrics navigation app earning screen to display the number of MMaps earned with a bicycle SPT in the background.
A phone which displays the earnings of the MapMetrics crypto navigation app wallet with behind it an SPT to mine crypto and NFTs.

Start earning

When all synced up you’re ready to go. As soon as the build-in GPS is tracking any movement you start earning tokens. Make sure your SPT is always connected with the app and internet so it will be able to sync with the blockchain at any time of your travel. When you arrived at your destination you will be able to switch off the SPT to safe battery life. When ready to go just switch it on and it will automatically sync with the app when used. 

Connect your SPT

Download the app and connect your SPT using your phone or tablet. 

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